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Grilling with Beer

Lucy Saunders
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February 25, 2007

In Grilling with Beer, Lucy Saunders pulls from her experience in baking and pastries, apprenticing pub chefs in London and Brussels, attending Siebel Institute’s seminar on sensory evaluation of beer, and conducting tastings for the American Homebrewers Association, Craft Brewers Conference and the American Cheese Society, not to mention her love of cooking. Her credentials include: CCP (certified culinary professional) from the International Associate of Culinary Professionals, judging for many competitions including the Harpoon Championships of New England Barbecue, American Royal Barbecue Contest in Kansas City and the Cooking with Beer Challenge. Her website was awarded a Silver Medal for Best Food Writing on the Internet in 2002 by the Association of Food Journalists.

As someone who loves to cook and who obviously loves beer, this book just makes sense. With 110 recipes, 5 chapters on sauces, marinades, ribs, bastes and glazes, and another 5 chapters on poultry, seafood, salads, burgers and brats, this book is geared towards the carnivore, but vegetarians don’t fret, you can find some interesting recipes using beer as well. There are a lot of recipes in here I would never have thought to come up with like Barley Wine Grilled Potatoes, Pecan-Pale Ale Lamb, Grilled Herbed Hazelnut Flatbread, and Grilled Pear & Salmon Patties with PNW Pale Ale. But alas, there are some soon to be favorites in here too like Hops and Herbs Chopped Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Corn & Rice Salad, Dirty Blonde BBQ Chicken Wings, Grilled Pilsner Pepper Crab, Party Beer Salsa, and well I could go on, but I don’t want to give it all away. Well OK, one more – Robust Rosemary Beer Mustard – ooh tasty.

Grilling with Beer is well laid out, with clear, easy to read text, tasteful (and tasty) color photos of the recipes. Information, recipes and appendices are graced by such noteworthy beer people as Michael Jackson, Stan Hieronymus, Bruce Paton, Randy Mosher, Steven Raichlen, the Alstrom Brothers, Owen Ogletree, and more. (Hmmm I didn’t see my name in the list… maybe next time).

Let’s run down the chapters, shall we?

Chapter 1: BBQ Sauces
Chapter 2: Brew Bastes
Chapter 3: Grill Glazes
Chapter 4: Ribs and Rubs
Chapter 5: Malty Marinates & Brines
Chapter 6: Brew Birds
Chapter 7: Seared Seafood
Chapter 8: Sides and Salads
Chapter 9: Burgers, Chops & Steaks
Chapter 10: Brats in Beer
I. Match Points by Stan Hieronymus – A short guide on pairing beer and food.
II. Mail Order Sources – a listing of places to get mail order ingredients, beer, meats and so on.
III. Flavors of Craft Beer Styles – For those new to beer, this gives a guide of what to expect from the different beer styles you may encounter in the book. It is very basic and general, so beer geeks probably won’t find anything they don’t already know.

Did I find any oopses? Just one – the table of contents shows Brew Birds starting on page 112 and it actually starts on pages 122 and 123.

While maybe cost would prohibit this... I would be interested in seeing this in a plastic coated page version. All the beer and sauces can get messy you know…

If you are interested in showing off the versatility and pairing proclivity of your homebrew or favorite craft brew at your next BBQ gathering, or even if you want to find some new favorites, check out Lucy Saunders Grilling with Beer. There’s something in there for just about everyone. Lucy certainly has a handle on beer and grilling and how they go hand in hand.

Grilling with Beer
Copyright 2006 Lucy Saunders, except the copyrights of contributors as noted on recipes and reviews.
Publication Date: 2006
F&B Communications
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