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The water we use is very important to the brewing process, as you may imagine. Below you will find a chemical breakdown of the water in various zipcodes. By knowing what your water composition is you can determine how much of the various modifiers you can add to attempt to emulate the brewing water from the famous brewing regions. Should you want to get a breakdown of your water, please visit Ward Lab and request a household standard water test. If you would, like you can send the results to brew-monkey and they will be included in the table.

Below lists the water composition of various famous brewing cities throughout the world.
City NamepHCalciumMagnesiumSodiumSulfateChlorideBicarbonate
Antwerp, Belgium8.
Atlanta, GA7.
Boston, MA7.
Burton on Trent, UK8.0295.045.055.0725.025.0300.0
Chicago, IL8.
Dallas, TX9.
Denver, CO7.631.58.521.450.823.5104.0
Dortmund, Germany8.0250.025.070.0280.0100.0550.0
Dublin, Ireland8.0115.
Edinburgh, Scotland8.0120.025.055.0140.020.0225.0
London, England8.
Milwaukee, WI7.596.
Munich, Germany8.
New York, NY7.
Pilsen, Czech8.
Portland, OR6.
Salt Lake City, UT7.930.
Seattle, WA7.817.
Vienna, Austria8.0200.060.08.0125.012.0120.0
Washington, DC7.538.09.419.432.735.610.0

Water information courtesy of BeerSmith.

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